A Day of Paintball Action


A morning or afternoon session is available: morning session 10:00 a.m. (arrival) until approximately 13:00 p.m.; afternoon session 13:30 p.m. (arrival) until approximately 16:30 p.m. Upon entry, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, who will check you in. Make sure you have filled out your registration forms online prior to your game day to ensure a smooth check-in. You will be kitted up with all the gear needed for the day and undergo a compulsory safety briefing. For the morning session, the action starts around 11 a.m. You will play up to six varied games during a morning or afternoon session, with short refreshment breaks in between to reload your paintballs and discuss tactics!

As you get kitted up, you will be transformed into a camouflaged stealth army commando, ready to take on any challenge! Drawing inspiration from the MAS*H-themed base camp, you and your team will strategize a way to be victorious on the day.

Before the action begins, all players must undergo an essential health and safety speech detailing the rules and regulations of the day and informing them on how to use their paintball artillery.


You and your team of highly skilled combatants will then proceed through to
the gun zone where you’ll be issued with a semi-automatic
paintball marker. You can get your eye in for the mission ahead by enjoying a
few practice shots at the shooting range.

Once all players have their aim steady and goggles secured, the games begin!

You will encounter up to 6 action-packed games that’ll test
the skills of both novice and experienced paintball players alike. With various
points being awarded for each game, your team must take all possible chances to
capture the ancient artefact from the pyramid in Tomb Raider, and not squander the chance to
take out the fuel depot.


When the session’s games are completed, all players return to the base camp to hand in their paintballing equipment, changing back into their civilian status, and prepare for the fun and laughter of the afternoon presentation.

The session’s activities conclude with the awards ceremony, and players can expect to leave Delta Force at approximately 17:00pm. If your group is limited by time constraints then an alternate departure time can be arranged.

See you again soon at Delta Force Appin.