Paintball for Schools


You are completely camouflaged in the thick undergrowth, crouched low behind a fallen tree. You have a clear view into one of the entrances of the giant pyramid. Your comrade, Mr Fraser, signals that he has you covered from enemy fire; you can now move into the pyramid and take control.

Do you trust him, or is it merely his plan to seek revenge for your prank last semester?

Would you want to be sitting in a classroom reading about leadership and teamwork, or would you prefer to learn about the real thing in a day of outdoor paintball adventure?

Delta Force is renowned for hosting special events for schools, colleges and youth groups. Whether it is the convenience and lowest prices guaranteed, or the unparalleled safety standards and full Public Liability Insurance, thousands of schools throughout Australia are joining the list of highly satisfied Delta Force customers.

All Young Gunz receive a full safety briefing before the day’s play, with general information on how the day will run, as well as a full brief of the safety rules, regulations and appropriate use of the paintball equipment. The briefing is pre-recorded so as to ensure every safety feature is covered in full.

All equipment used at Delta Force is of premium quality and ensures the safety and comfort of all participants throughout the day. Would you let your children or students play at a paintball centre that doesn’t place such a premium importance on safety?

So whether you are organising an excursion for a single class or the entire school let Delta Force customise a day of paintballing to meet your school’s unique and important needs. From full head protection goggles and movie-set quality game scenarios, come to Delta Force for a school excursion the children will never forget.


ACT- 16 Years(minimum for 8 years)VIC- 16 Years(minimum for 8 years)
NSW- 12 YearsWA- 12 Years
QLD- 15 YearsSA- 10 Years