Delta Force has paintball centres conveniently located throughout Australia, all easily accessible via main roads and motorways. Each paintball centre is located outdoors in a beautiful, unspoilt and heavily wooded landscape and features state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the best paintball experience imaginable for you and your team, no matter the occasion.  Select a centre from the list or check the map below to find a Delta Force Paintball centre near you.

Paintballing Brisbane

Address:Neilson Rd, Kurwongbah QLD , 4503 Australia

We now have paintball centres in almost every large city in Australia, with our first Queensland paintball centre in Brisbane. We are constantly trying to build more centres so that more Australians can enjoy Delta Force paintballing, so keep an eye on this space.

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Paintballing Newcastle

Address:Palmers Road & Blowfly Road, Freemans Waterhole NSW, 2323 Australia

There are now paintball facilities close to practically every major city in Australia alone. Keep an eye on this space as we are always looking to add more locations so that more Australians may experience paintballing the Delta Force way.

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Paintballing Adelaide

Address:Lot 264 Ferries McDonald Rd, Monarto South SA , 5254 Australia

Finally, a paintball venue in South Australia worth raving about! Play at Monarto and you know you will be treated to the best there is to offer in safety, scenarios and professional customer service.  

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Paintballing Canberra

Address:Monaro Hwy & Old Tuggeranong Road, Tuggeranong ACT, 2900 Australia

Delta Force Canberra offers the ultimate paintball experience through our 100% safety record, professionalism and amazing movie-set quality game zones.

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Paintballing Bonneys

Address:136 St Albans Rd, Baldivis WA , 6171 Australia

The brand new Delta Force Bonneys paintball centre has raised the bar for paintballing standards not only in Perth, but Australia wide. Come and play at this amazing outdoor paintball centre and be blown away by the incredible game zones, professional staff and impeccable facilities on offer.

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Paintballing Sydney

Address:275 Brian Rd, Appin NSW , 2560 Australia

In Australia alone we now have paintball centres in almost every capital city. We are continually looking to open new centres so that more Australians can enjoy paintballing the Delta Force way so be sure to watch this space.

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