Paintballing Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for an exciting and engaging place to celebrate a birthday, you’ve come to the right place. Paintballing Delta Force has organized thousands upon thousands of spectacular birthday celebrations over the past 20 years. Every birthday boy and girl at Delta Force is honored like royalty.

You can feel comfortable knowing that our safety standards are unmatched, since most parents prioritize safety! As the industry leader, Paintballing Delta Force has the highest standards for safety in all of our procedures, equipment, and practices. We are proud of our 100% safety record, and we will keep it that way. All children will be returned completely safe and sound (if occasionally a little dirty), we guarantee.

Any child can never forget their first paintball experience; at Paintballing Delta Force, they can fulfill their childhood dreams with their friends by storming the village, hoisting the flag, and vanquishing the enemy. It is sure to make them smile and they’ll have some interesting war stories to share with everyone at school!


ACT- 16 Years (minimum 8 years for Miniball)VIC – 16 Years (minimum 8 years for Miniball)
NSW – 12 Years(No Miniball)WA – 12 Years (minimum 8 years for Miniball)
QLD – 15 Years(No Miniball)SA – 10 Years(No Miniball)