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MiniBall Paintball

Have you always wanted to play paintball but have been told you’re too young? Fear not, Delta Force Paintball is here to help with the launch of MiniBall, a customised paintball game suitable for participants as young as 8 years old.

Due to state laws governing the determination and use of a firearm, young people were left only to watch on as their older friends and siblings enjoyed the fast paced, quickly developing sport of paintball.

Realising that a plethora of youngsters were missing out and keen to play as well, Delta Force Paintball set about negotiations with the relevant governing bodies to find a way to include a younger group of players in this popular recreation. To this end, and after many a meeting, Delta Force Paintball pioneered MiniBall in Australia.

MiniBall has been specifically designed as a safe but still exciting alternative to the standard compressed air charged paintball game, incorporating the latest in paintball technology with custom-designed pump action paintball guns using a powerful spring mechanism that propels the MiniBalls with surprising effect. MiniBall players get to play on the same full sized fields of play (with smaller paintball equipment) and under professional supervision with specific rules of engagement designed for their fun, safety and enjoyment. They are kitted out with full protective paintball combat gear so they are not only safe but enjoy the full spectrum of the paintball game.

MiniBall paintball games are set to be extremely popular for kids birthday parties, school excursions, sporting break-ups, team-building events and fun days out.

During a MiniBall event full supervision, encouragement and direction will be provided by our fully qualified marshalling teams, meaning parents have the option of participating with the youngsters or sitting back and watching the fun unfold. Parents be warned – if you dare to accept the challenge and battle it out against the youngsters you will be larger targets out in the heat of battle.

Never again be told you’re too young to play paintball – MiniBall with Delta Force means people of all ages can enjoy a day of paintball adventure. Game details vary by location – please call 1300 853 108 for specific details about your selected location.  Alternatively, check out www.miniball.com.au for more details.