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Latest paintballing news

Latest paintballing news
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After a gruelling offseason of long, hard training sessions, the Canberra Raiders NRL squad were rewarded for their efforts with an action-packed paintball day at Delta Force Canberra on...


In the build up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games and HSBC Sevens World Series, The Australian Men’s Rugby Sevens squad has enlisted the help of Delta Force Paintball in the pursuit of peak performance.



The Hunter Region has long been a target for a new Delta Force location that has now materialised. The Construction Team has been hard at work through record heat in January and record rain in March. Under trying conditions they have produced a...


Ben Stiller and Jack Black lovers look out; Tropic Thunder has arrived in Muchea. Grab your paintball markers and get ready to fight the Flaming Dragons.

Delta Force Paintball has announced the latest addition to their paintball field...


Delta Force Paintball has once again played host to a nationally broadcast sports program in Fox Footy’s Bounce. Combatants Barry Hall, Jason Dunstall, Danny Frawley and Cameron Mooney were pitted against each other in a series of...


The gift of love is a difficult prospect for even the biggest Casanova’s amongst us. We navigate through a confusing array of options to show our significant other how significant they are. You could go with flowers, but are they too...


Thanks to years of campaigning from the Delta Force Paintball and the AUPBA the minimum legal age for paintball across Victoria is poised to drop to 16 years old from 1st September 2015. With an official announcement on the age drop expected to...


Popular singer Lily Allen was surprised when she was treated to a birthday celebration by her record label, Parlophone on Saturday 2nd May. Lily arrived at Delta Force Paintball North Bristol, with a challenging day ahead as she prepared to take...


Every year, humans all over the globe, tremble with fear as the Halloween weekend approaches. And every year, paintballers all over the globe, gear up to do battle with the forces of the underworld on our battlefields. And every year, on the...


The popular McDonald's Monopoly Game is renowned for offering prizes and passes into the world’s best attractions and activities. As such, when the world's largest fast food chain wanted to add the excitement of paintball to their...


Melbourne's infamously changeable weather has kept the outdoor recreation fraternity on constant guard lest there be a sudden onslaught that takes them by surprise, and unprepared as it flattens all before it. And today, the Melbourne Delta Force...


 The infamous ‘River Boys’ aka the Braxton brothers of one of TV’s most popular ever soaps, Home & Away, arrived at Delta Force Paintball’s Sydney location at Appin on Saturday ready for trouble. Along with other...


Delta Force Paintball has teamed up with STUDIOCANAL Australia to offer Facebook page fans an exciting opportunity to win.


The military style experience and movie-quality game zone prop combination that Delta Force Paintball offers has proven to be a useful resource for Australian military and security personnel. Such elements as full scale Black Hawk helicopters,...


Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez have barely spent any time apart over the last few weeks, but that didn't stop the stunning pair from enjoying an exciting paintballing session with friends on Tuesday. 


If you thought you saw a huge military helicopter moving through the Sydney streets on Monday morning then don't fret, it was real! The UH-60 Black Hawk made itself famous during operations in Iraq and subsequent...


What does it mean to you to be an Aussie? Are you as proud as we are of our short but colourful heritage? And what's more Australian than kickin back with your mates, throwing a few down the hatch and cheering on your favourite team? How about...


Every time you visit a Delta Force paintball centre we strive to bring you the ultimate paintball experience. When you share your birthday with us down at one of our centres, we go that extra mile to ensure your day is one to remember.


Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson recently played paintball at a non Delta Force paintball site. When interviewed after the game, his first comment was that it is “very painful on the head”.

The site that Dicko played at uses half...


Paintball is a game of tactics and strategy. Just like chess, you need to move your players around in a quiet but aggressive manner in order to sneak up on the enemy and eliminate them.

Before you go out onto the game zone, be sure to check...


Delta Force Paintball is the world’s largest operator of paintball games.

We have revolutionised the paintball industry through our 100% safety record, professionalism, and amazing movie-set quality game zones.


With Christmas just around the corner, don’t leave it until the night before to do your shopping. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you and get them something they actually want… get them a paintball gift voucher!



Delta Force Paintball is the world’s largest operator of paintball games. We have become the biggest and the best by offering the customer exactly what they want, and paintballing in Bonneys is no different.

Our paintball centre...


People all around the world have been enjoying paintball for about 30 years now. Although no one is exactly sure on how the sport came into existence, paintball is now one of the world’s fastest growing sports and every week players of all...