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Where can I play?
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100% safety record
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Game zones

A giant fortress dominates a clearing in the jungle, and it’s crawling with enemy forces. Your mission is to carry out a “Halo-Insertion”. That’s SAS-talk for dropping one of your team members in with an explosive device to take-out the enemy base. This highly skilled move requires perfect execution otherwise you and your team will be in grave danger. Are you brave enough to accept the mission?

Yee Haa! Get your cowboy boots on as this is going to be one wild ride. The outlaws have stormed the town and are causing havoc stealing from local businesses. The sheriff has called in for backup, as he needs help in disarming the bandits. You and your friends are the sharpest shooting cowboys in the West. When you arrive the town is deserted. You see the saloon doors open and survey the situation. Can you overpower the bandits and become heroes of the town?

It’s 1944 and you have been dropped into a remote area in an attempt to capture a key town. You are in the thick of it, waiting in the dense forest for the signal to attack. You get the nod to move forward. You and your team of commandos need to navigate your way through the town wall without attracting attention from the enemy. This town must be captured to halt all enemy movement. Your mission is to take-out the enemy and hold the town until reinforcements arrive.

Within the vast, sandy landscape lies a huge stone pyramid. Inside is an ancient idol, the holy grail for treasure hunters and archaeologists alike. But like all ancient artifacts, they are also precious and valuable to those who would use their power for evil. Can you capture the artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands? Get into the tomb, secure the artifact and use the giant Sphinx as cover to escape with the idol.

The city is in lockdown. Special Forces are protecting all essential utilities as the terrorist threat on them increases. Your team is ordered to protect the city’s fuel reserves. Can you set up check points and maintain a perimeter around this valuable resource before rogue forces penetrate your defences and plant explosives on this valuable resource?

 As you and your unit move through the jungle, deep into hostile territory, you hear an explosion overhead – an allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed just up ahead. Miraculously, the crew have survived and activated their distress signal. Your mission is to move your unit quickly through the jungle towards the downed helicopter, rescue the injured crew and escort them to safety before the enemy take them in for ‘questioning’.

WW2, June, 1944 and the largest amphibious invasion in war-time history begins. Known as the D-Day Landing, the liberation of western Europe begins right here on the beaches of France as over 130,000 allied troops swarm the beach heads. This number will grow to over 1 million soldiers and in a few short months the axis forces will be pushed out and defeated in one of the most well known and prominent campaigns of this or any other war.

This military prison is about to transition from a controlled military facility into absolute chaos. The detainees are organising an uprising and the marines need to rally to keep the feared terrorist leader from escaping and returning to his homeland. Can you maintain order or will the forces of evil overwhelm your defences?