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Need to know for parents

Need to know for parents
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100% safety record
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Need to know for parents

Kids Paintball

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Or do you want to organise a holiday trip with your mates? Why not visit Delta Force; we organise the most action-packed days of paintball adventure for 10 to 17 years olds that will have you and your mates wanting to play paintball with Delta Force again and again!

Imagine hiding behind a giant stone mummy, your comrades flanking to the left and right in support, and you spot the enemy hiding in the centre of the giant pyramid. You focus your aim, steady your gun and fire 7 rounds per second to capture your target and win the game! This is just one battle scenario you will experience in a full day of paintball action with Delta Force. So grab your mates, make a booking and visit any of our centres throughout the AU for your shot at heroism during a day of paintball adventure

Kids paintballing

If you are looking to organise a special young guns event for a birthday party then speak to our friendly Central Booking Office about what we can do to make your day even more memorable. At Delta Force we enforce a minimum age limit of 10 at all of our National Centres, however we do allow players as young as 10 to participate in the day's action as long as an adult is present throughout the day. The minimum age at most of our Local Centres is 12 years old.

Please check the minimum ages by calling our Central Booking Office on 1300 850 744. Delta Force offers an exciting, safe, convenient and healthy environment for Young Gunz to enjoy an action-packed day of paintball adventure. Our amazing game scenarios offer the perfect weekend or holiday visit for Young Gunz and adults alike. We have almost 20 years of experience in the provision of paintball games, during which time over ONE MILLION young guns have enjoyed the thrill of playing at our centres.

Kids paintballing

Our trained marshals have years of experience in paintball games, and create exciting game scenarios, whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of all players. We have also introduced full head protection goggles, body armour and protective collars on the combat suits at all of our National Centres throughout the AU; our way of making your day of paintball as safe, comfortable and exciting as possible.

The safety regulations implemented at Delta Force are second to none; from full head protection goggles and body armour, to 5 star membership of the AUPBA and full Public Liability Insurance, we pride ourselves on an unparalleled safety record. Children receive full instruction and supervision throughout the day, and all of our senior managers are first aid accredited and have years of experience in the provision of paintball games for young guns. Would you want to play paintball with an operator that doesn't place such a premium importance on player comfort and safety?

Young Gunz must have a parent or guardian sign their consent form before they attend one of our Delta Force centres.

Children With Disabilities

Paintball is a physically demanding activity and requires certain physical abilities. While Young Gunz with disabilities are welcome to play at Delta Force, parents/guardians need to be aware of the nature of paintball and the game terrain, and make a subsequent decision based on the physical abilities of each player.
To help you with this, we have compiled an 'Information for Parents' guide which can be requested from our friendly Central Booking Office. To make paintball more appropriate for Young Gunz, we provide all players with full head protection goggles, body armour and combat suits with protective collars. You can now play paintball with Delta Force in more comfort and safety than ever before.
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