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Why Delta Force Paintball?

Why Delta Force Paintball
Where can I play?
Where can I play?
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100% safety record
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Delta Force Paintball Fundraising

At Delta Force Paintball we understand the need most organisations have to generate funding each year. Whether it be for new equipment, facility rent, tours, transport, the list goes on and on.

Let us help you:

Delta Force Paintball have offered sponsorship partnerships to local organisations over the last 2 years that have provided great outcomes for a variety of different causes. Following a brief trial it became clear we can really make a difference and want to extend the invitation for you to get involved. 

How it works:

  • Delta Force offer paintball experiences with a focus on customer service, state of the art facilities and good old fashion fun times.
  • We offer your organization a special booking code and phone number to share with your members, their friends and their family
  • Through your internal channels encourage members, friends and family to book in for a fun paintball experience with Delta Force
  • Upon calling up to book their paintball event, all they need to do is mention the unique booking code and our event coordinators will know they receive Full Day Entry, Equipment and 100 Paintballs for just $17.50 (RRP $36.95- less than half price)

·      And the best part, we will pay your organisation $5 for every single person who books in using your unique booking code. (Paid monthly directly into your nominated bank account).

It’s Win-Win-Win!

  1. Your members and guest receive an unbelievable Delta Force Paintball experience at a great rate- more than 50% off
  2. Your organisation gains another profitable income stream with zero risk
  3. Delta Force receives more players to entertain

If you want to know more information simply email for an information package to discuss at your next board meeting.

We are genuinely keen to give back to the community and look forward to discussing your needs with you.