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Why Delta Force Paintball?

Why Delta Force Paintball
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Where can I play?
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Paintball Celebrities

Being the world’s largest paintball company we’ve seen quite a few celebrities come through our doors. We’ve hosted paintball events for a large number of celebrities, including sporting icons, movie stars, musicians and politicians.

Most recently we were stunned when we saw the glamorous Elle Macpherson walk into our base camp. We have also had the pleasure of treating many English Premier League teams at our centres in the UK, including Chelsea FC and Manchester United.

Our paintball centres have also played host to various military training days, and have been the backdrop for many film and TV shows. Whether it’s the amazing movie-set props in our game zones, or our impeccable customer service, celebrities time and again choose to visit Delta Force.

Be it a celebrity visit or the average Joe coming to play, we make it our mission to extend the 'celebrity-treatment' to all our guests. We appreciate that you have a choice, and we are very grateful when you make the choice to play paintball with Delta Force!

Here are some snapshots from our latest celebrity gallery (note 'guests' not 'endorsees'):



Other celebrity guests in the past


The fact of a celebrity visit does not imply endorsement or other association - this specifically applies to our clients Chelsea Football Club and John Terry.