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Why Delta Force Paintball?

Why Delta Force Paintball
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Where can I play?
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100% safety record

Did you know that paintballers suffer fewer injuries per player than golfers? This startling fact may come as a shock to many, but paintball is in fact an extremely safe sport. However, as with any outdoor extreme sport there exists the potential for injury.

You can rest assured in knowing that Delta Force has taken every step possible to ensure the safety of all players.

With the primary potential danger in the sport of paintball being a paintball hit to an unprotected eye, Delta Force has invested in the latest technology to provide you with a US-spec full head goggle protection system – incorporating BS compliant lens technology (as well as ear, temple and crown of head protection). These goggles, complete with a chinstrap, will protect you from any potential painful headshots.

For your complete safety, Delta Force implements the following precautions at every paintball centre:

  • Instituted a policy of checking every player’s goggles before they enter the paintball game zones.
  • Completely enclosed our base camps (safe zones) with high mesh safety netting.
  • Prohibited any paintball gun from entering the base camp.
  • Prohibited the lifting of goggles in the game zones. If a player lifts or removes their goggles in a game zone then they will be immediately excluded from the game zone and not permitted to play the rest of the day. We will not risk the safety of any player.
  • Conduct ongoing training of our experienced paintball marshalling personnel.
  • All pre-game safety speeches adhere to the Health & Safety rules and regulations.
  • At Delta Force ‘head-shots’ do not count (this is to discourage players from shooting at one another’s heads). 

All of our practices adhere to detailed health and safety risk assessments. Copies of these risk assessments are available on request.

To ensure the complete safety of all players, Delta Force managers, assistant mangers and senior marshals hold current first aid qualifications and many other senior staff have an ex-services background and hold similar qualifications.

Our safety standards are extremely meticulous and are the envy of other paintball centres. So much in fact that environmental health officers in the past have asked if they may use Delta Force’s health and safety policies and practices as the model against which to judge other paintball centres – high praise indeed!

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