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Canberra Raiders Prepare for the NRL Season at Delta Force Canberra

After a gruelling offseason of long, hard training sessions, the Canberra Raiders NRL squad were rewarded for their efforts with an action-packed paintball day at Delta Force...

Delta Force Paintball

Gone are the days of paying out your hard earned dollars and then be left to play behind trees, hay bales, rusting car
bodies and wooden pallets. Delta Force is definitely a different and higher level of professionalism than our competitors.
Delta Force customers get to play on the very best themed scenarios in Australia, featuring incredible movie-set quality game zones including Tomb Raider (with giant stone pyramids), the Wild West (with a western cowboy township), Check-Point Charlie (missiles and aircraft), and many more.
At one location is the amazing Black Hawk Down game zone (with the worlds first full scale Black Hawk helicopter) and
other Delta Force centres to get the Black Hawk Down game zone soon.
With the most exciting game zones and best equipment in Australia, professionally trained marshals who help you to get
the most from your day with structured objectives, you can get your friends together for an adrenalin-fuelled day of action
you’ll remember forever!
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Paintball Guns and Gear
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